“The DNA of Crazy

changes the world and pushes humanity forward.”


Helping You Set Your Crazy Free


We believe in the crazy ones of today and every kid who gets told ‘Why can’t you be like everyone else?’ because they’re the crazy ones of tomorrow. We believe in challenging the status quo in life and business, because ‘thinking different’ is what pushes humanity forward and finds solutions to the world’s wickedest challenges


We use our research knowledge, experience and mindset of creativity, innovation and leadership to challenge their own and their company’s status quo.



Sharing the adventures and lessons learnt from interviewing different thinkers from diverse industries.  For bookings contact: billie@thecrazyones.org


Playing one on one or with teams to recognise what their status quo is and then challenging it.  Contact billie@thecrazyones.org

Challenging our own status quo

Because we believe the future is crazy, and The Crazy Ones.org is a catalyst to unknown [ad]ventures.